Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Every company in California with 5 or more employees anywhere must provide sexual harassment prevention training to your California employees by the end of 2020, then again every 2 years.

On-Demand Webinars

On-demand webinars are a favorite with our clients because they allow you and your employee to decide when it's most convenient to have the training. Whether you choose 6:00am or 4:30pm, it's totally up to you. Since we're not online with your employee during the training, they are welcome to contact us with any questions they may have from the training. Sign up!

$12.95/person for non-supervisory, $15.95/person for supervisory
(or unlimited use of both versions for $165/week or $500/month)

Live Webinars

We are also available to present live webinars compliant with California's AB1825 and SB1343. This training is very interactive and employees will have ample time to ask questions. What's great is that webinars allow your employees to actually talk with the trainer in the comfort of their office or home. Contact us to schedule a time.

$250 total for the 1-hour non-supervisory,
$450 total for a 2-hour training that combines both

In-Person Training

Having someone provide training in person is often the first choice for companies. A good trainer can make it easier to keep everyone's attention. The biggest downsides include the higher cost, a large enough room, and the ability to get everyone who needs the training to attend without distractions. Too often, a few people are unable to attend and you still need a secondary method for their training. We don't provide in-person training anymore but contact us anyhow because we are happy to refer you to our favorite resources.


Disclaimer: Please note these webinars do not constitute legal advice. The webinars are designed to give you a general understanding of the law. Please consult with an employment law attorney if you are seeking legal advice.

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